Dedicated Production Counsel

Legal counsel to an independent film or media production team should be as diligent, flexible and responsive as the producers themselves. As dedicated production counsel we are. In addition to meeting the rigorous requirements demanded in the final stages of production, post-production, and in negotiating a good distribution deal, Wood Media Law prides itself in offering nimble service and creative solutions through all phases of the production process.



The following is an incomplete list of the documents and agreements typically required to get a film or multimedia project made and sold:

✒︎ Entity formation articles and supporting agreements for Limited liability companies (LLC’s), Corporations (and S-Corp’s) and Not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporations.

✒︎ Financing arrangements and agreements; Agreements for capital contributors actively involved in the production; Private Placement Memoranda for Regulation D offerings.

✒︎ Literary option/purchase or licensing agreements; agreements to convey or license so-called "life rights"; agreements for other rights or intellectual property involved in the project.

✒︎ Producer- and director agreements; agreements for the engagement of a casting director; actor contracts (SAG and non-union), and formal and short-form agreements for various below-the-line production personnel.

✒︎ Pre-sales and completion bonding.

✒︎ Special agreements such as those for the employment of minor actors; for stunts; nudity riders (not all for the same actor, one hopes).

✒︎ Licenses for music (composer agreements, sync licenses), stills and film-clips, artwork, locations, etc.

✒︎ Permits and insurance required on set or location; Business insurance carried by the production company; D & O insurance for officers of non-profit production companies.

✒︎ Required delivery documents: Copyright registrations and assignments; Certificates of Origin; Chain of Title documentation; Clearance reports.

✒︎ Sales and distribution negotiation counsel and contract review.