Outside General Counsel

Media, new media, and interactive companies can call on Wood Media Law for daily guidance and counsel in company formation, employment matters, copyright and other intellectual property issues, privacy and trade secrets protection, and in negotiating and securing the best deals for their work.



The following is a partial list of a few typical useful services  Wood Media Law provides as outside general counsel:

✒︎ LLC and Corporate Set-up
✒︎ Financing arrangements
✒︎ Employment agreements and employee handbooks
✒︎ Work-for-hire agreements
✒︎ Copyright Assignments
✒︎ End-User License Agreements (EULA’s)
✒︎ Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)
✒︎ Licensing arrangements
✒︎ Online and proprietary distribution agreements (App Store, etc.)
✒︎ App and Video game Publishing Contract Review and Negotiation.
& most matters of general business law.