Personal Legal Counsel to Creative Individuals

Arts and entertainment professionals need aggressive, knowledgeable counsel to make sure their efforts are rewarded and  interests protected.  Writers, fine artists, rights-holders, producers (TV/film/new media; above- and below-the-line), and other professionals count on Wood Media Law's knowledge and experience in representing them in any entertainment business relationship.

Below are a few of the many contexts in which we advise and assist independent creatives. Individual clients receive personal attention and the same high standard of care and integrity we bring to larger projects.

✒︎ Entertainment employment contract review and negotiation; Representation in employment / accounting disagreements;  Agency and/or management agreements; Artist’s loan-out company set-up.

✒︎ Author contracts; Screenwriter contracts; Literary and life-rights option / purchase agreements; Screenplay coverage; Book manuscript defamation review.

✒︎ Fine art sales; Art consignment agreements; Artist’s commissioning agreements; Artist/Gallery contracts; Studio leases and cooperative agreements between artists; Model releases; Representation in sales, consignment, gallery, art-handling disputes.

✒︎ Copyright registrations and assignments; Certificates of authorship; Representation in authorship disputes; Placement agreements; Intellectual property licensing.