Film & Media Production Counsel


In the years over which Wood Media Law's practice has developed we've seen many different projects and production teams arrayed along a wide range of experience, from first-timers to seasoned veterans, all with varying levels of ambition and depths of resources.

So, alongside the traditional strongly-recommended-if-you-can-afford-it Dedicated Production Counsel model we've come to offer Unbundled Production Services to meet the needs of those with leaner, more modest budgets who still have more-than-modest skills and ambitions.


Dedicated Production Counsel


Legal counsel to an independent film or media production team should be as diligent, flexible and responsive as the producers themselves. As dedicated production counsel we are. In addition to meeting the rigorous requirements demanded in the final stages of production, post-production, and in negotiating a good distribution deal, Wood Media Law provides nimble service and creative solutions through all phases of the production process.  More information on using Wood Media Law as production counsel on your project is here.

Unbundled Production Services


For a risk-savvy production team concerned with controlling costs while still creating the documentation necessary for a project's sale and distribution Wood Media Law can provide unbundled production legal services outside of the context of comprehensive  production counsel. While not for everybody, this solution may be appropriate for producers sophisticated enough to navigate daily production challenges but who recognize the value of--and need for--well-drafted documents and agreements.